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Template Apps - djwoods - 02-08-2015

As part of the plugin, we're hoping to include some template applications for users.
Ideally we'd like to get a variety of different templates (blogs, image gallery, etc.). It'd be great if we could get a bunch from the CI community. I'm sure many of you have applications stored away that you could very easily turn into a template.

A template should:
- Have a README with instructions on setup (e.g. a database), and a description of what the application does
- Well documented code with comments to indicate where code goes to implement additional functionality (e.g. navigation, new images)
- A title (hopefully unique)
- The version of CodeIgniter

If you'd like to contribute, please add a post with a link to a public git repo with the project.

RE: Template Apps - geekita - 02-22-2015

It would be interesting to have each template for both MVC and HMVC patterns.

RE: Template Apps - ciadmin - 02-22-2015

(02-22-2015, 02:36 AM)geekita Wrote: It would be interesting to have each template for both MVC and HMVC patterns.

HMVC is not part of CodeIgniter, so unlikely to have a template Sad
The proper place for an HMVC template would be in an HMVC package, possibly as something the user could "install" as an option inside the NB plugin.

RE: Template Apps - jagad89 - 05-19-2017

There are some great repositories on web too, which are really need to be configure when ever we start. Like We required REST Controller, just check it. A Asset helper, just check it and it will create all assets related folder and config files and so on.. I am not sure it can fall under template part but yes, plugin support such thing that's great.

May be some CI blueprints ( boilerplat, kickstart what ever can be said ) can be listed and user can choose from it and ready to go..