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use PHP native session - rchiu5hk - 06-25-2015

Dear all,

I am using codeIgniter framework. but find that session value sometimes loss and sometimes cannot kill in the browser.
Is it a issue? It is very important as the website cannot use if session has probles.
After google in the website, I find that I can use native session. How to change to use it?? Is it really solved this issue??

RE: use PHP native session - jessey10237 - 07-25-2015

Just use the session as you would in normal php, no need to do anything special

RE: use PHP native session - ignitedcms - 07-26-2015

Are you using session implementation in CI 2.x or CI 3.0.

They say 3.0 uses native sessions.

RE: use PHP native session - musheertm - 09-17-2015

i have faced this kind of issues. use native session as fine.