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random_compat - sarciszewski - 08-02-2015

If CI4 is going to use Composer, would there be any interest in adding random_compat as a dependency? This allows you to write code forward-compatible with PHP 7 in PHP 5 applications. I expect we will reach v1.0.0 before CI4 is finished, and I've gotten positive feedback from the folks who wrote random_bytes() and random_int(), as well as many cryptography experts, as well as many other framework leads (Fabien, Taylor Otwell).

It might very well be the most heavily reviewed CSPRNG library written in PHP thus far, and it's very liberally licensed (MIT). Smile

RE: random_compat - Narf - 08-03-2015

We're yet to announce the roadmap for CI4 (although it is coming soon) and this is rather a low-level consideration, so I can't officially say anything right now.

But with me being involved, you know it won't go under the radar. Smile

RE: random_compat - Narf - 08-06-2015

I didn't want to make spoilers when you originally posted, but now that we've officially published the CI4 roadmap, I can tell you that we won't be needing random_compat because PHP7 will be the minimum requirement for CodeIgniter 4. Smile