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Reports framework - MGatner - 05-20-2019

Hi all! I debated whether this one was worth publishing, but since I usually end up adding database reports to just about everything I do and thought someone else might be interested too. It also has an example of module namespace-harvesting (modeled after CI4's own MigrationRunner) that I'm working into a lot of packages.


I will eventually flesh out the docs, tests, examples, and other portions of this project but the framework is all ready to go. Just run:
`composer require tatter/reports`

Reports are each individual classes that live in the Reports folder and namespace of your app or modules. They need a `$table`, a `generate()` method that checks for and processes each result, and a `run()` method to process results for missing metrics. Use the provided interface and base report to flesh out the class:

PHP Code:
use Tatter\Reports\BaseReport;
MyReport extends BaseReport implements ReportInterface 

Package info:
Code & issues:

Thanks for reading!