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RE: Bonfire: favorite frontend tech? - ignitedcms - 06-12-2019

The only thing I would say with vuejs and other reactive js frameworks having worked with it a lot is, it sometimes confusing trying to integrate it with existing jqueryui components, to get around this I'd opt for pulling premade vuejs components that do the same job.

or the full ui stack

RE: Bonfire: favorite frontend tech? - foxmailhe - 07-11-2019

The only thing I would say with reactjs frameworks. reactjs components is cool.

Angular ? - ComputingFroggy - 07-25-2019

You might want to consider Angular: to build a complete application, I'd think it's the best framework as it comes with all what's needed included (routing, etc) when Vue.js and React need extra component to be on the same level.
Have a read at what an expert says.