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PHP Cas authentication - pras - 09-24-2019

Hi all.

I am struggling to make the CI authenticate with jasig php cas.

I have lots of users (education enviroment) and I can't think of any other authentication system because the maintanance cost is high!

Can anyone help me about?

I already tried the old library 

Thank you

RE: PHP Cas authentication - php_rocs - 09-24-2019


What version of CI are you using? PHP version? Also, you do realize that the library that you tried to use is no longer maintained?

RE: PHP Cas authentication - pras - 09-24-2019

Hi @php_rocs

I am using php 7.3.9 and CI 3.1.11 and try to make an application that will use federation Central Authentication Service
I understand that the library is no longer maintained.
I didnt find any other and thats why I give it a try.


RE: PHP Cas authentication - jreklund - 09-25-2019

phpCAS now supports Composer, so you can install it that way instead:

RE: PHP Cas authentication - pras - 09-25-2019

I will give it a try!
Thank you.