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Codeigniter 4 Redirect not working - RuudTableaux - 03-13-2020

Codeigniter 4
Im visiting my /admin route. During the execution im checking stuff so im inside a Library updating my routes file (for caching purposes) After this i want to redirect to the same route (/admin) But this doesnt work.

Ive tried:

$theurl = current_url(); //outputs http://mylocalurl.local/admin

$theurl = current_url(); //outputs http://mylocalurl.local/admin





Ive added this in my Config/Routes.php file:
$routes->add('admin', 'Company\Admin\Controllers\Admin::index');

Any ideas?

RE: Codeigniter 4 Redirect not working - MGatner - 03-13-2020

Since you aren’t using a named route you should definitely use the “to()” method. This method expects a full URL for input, so partials will often work but you’re safer to do something like:
return redirect()->to(site_url(‘admin’));