Poll: What's your preferred front-end tech for pre-built backend systems?
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Bonfire: favorite frontend tech?

When I created Bonfire years and years ago, it was the result of some patterns I had used in the last 2-3 large sites I had used, with a couple of additional tools that I wanted included. Ironically, right after releasing that I got a full-time contract job for a company with its own base software for a couple of years, followed by a couple of years with a company doing a custom CI sites that didn't need the backend. For the last 3 years the company I've not been doing freelance stuff anymore. All of this to say, I never actually used Bonfire on a project.

For the first couple of years I never got much feedback about anyone using it. Eventually someone else took over maintaining it, and they've since moved on, which has left it languishing for a little bit, for which I apologize. CI4 has taken over my spare time for the last few years.

I've had several personal project ideas over the years I've been developing CI4 that I'd like to eventually tackle, all of which could benefit from an updated Bonfire, so I'm starting the planning phases of that, but won't start working on it until CI hits an official release.

For the admin area, though, I was wondering what sort of preferences the community at large had for front end technology to build the admin out, if any? It would be easiest to do without, but it's also more impressive to clients when the SPA thing happens and they get more immediate responses. And everything in between.

So - if you were using a pre-built backend, what would you prefer?
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