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Starting with CodeIgniter setup: suggestions & best practices

Wow, you're getting me completely wrong.

Quote: I just know that when I started with CI, I put most of my logic in my controllers and it has been a pain in the rear since then to re-write and re-factor it out of the controllers so I that I’m not repeating myself in every new controller.
Which is something I fully understand and know about from my own experience.

Quote:And while you say your best practices list isn’t supposed to teach, it seems like it should at least mention the “best practices”.
Now that's taking my distinction (between teaching and pushing in the right direction) and going overboard with it.
I meant that I tried to write up a list that mentioned all, and because I tried to touch upon everything I had to limit the amount of information and summarize for each topic. Summaries are always a bit too short, a bit to simplistic (otherwise they wouldn't be summeries) and I hope that anyone reading it understands that I can't explain the whole of MVC in one sentence - which is why that whole paragraph is about reading more about MVC and has in total 7 links to other resources and tells the reader to read more about the subject.
There's too many possible bumps in the road to learning MVC and better programming to mention them all - the article is about helping the reader understand which topics are most important to read up on. It's meant as a start-off point, you can't expect to learn all in under 12000 characters (it's 2 posts with max 6000 characters each Wink).

And again, I'll think about some better wording but people should learn more on their own by using the links I've already posted and certainly not expecting that a one-sentence summary teaches all. Such summaries are about pointing in the right direction, but can never contain the whole truth and constrain every possible misinterpretation or over-interpretation.

EDIT: I've added a bit to the original posts, also included the DRY principle in 2 places - this should clear up what's meant by the sentence you take issue with.

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Starting with CodeIgniter setup: suggestions & best practices - by El Forum - 04-19-2010, 11:12 AM

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