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By god, keep CI4 simple and flexible

Hello @Imabot,

Everyone will have a different opinion on CI3 and CI4. I have been using CI3 for years, and I recently decided to switch to CI4.

This is only MY opinion ...

I find that CI4 is a little more difficult to master, in the sense that there are new notions like namespace management, the API Response Trait, the Throttler ... And, in my case, I had to change some good old habits :-) But, these are actually nice features, which offer more possibilities.

Now that I am using CI4, I would not go back. CI4 seems to me more powerful, and more efficient. An example ... models management. In version 3, you could do anything and everything. I ended up creating a lot of things manually. In version 4, I configure some variables, and I have access to simple and powerful features to manipulate the data in my databases. It seems so much simpler and clearer now!

Moreover, I believe it is important to stay up to date. CI4 offers recent features, and you have to "evolve with your time" ( not sure of the translation :-) ). And the knowledge learned with CI4 can also be used for other modern frameworks (which have those features too).

And note that, there are also similarities with version 3. And I believe that, it is much easier to learn CI3 when you know CI4, than learn CI4 when you know CI3.

To conlude, if a friend would ask me "which version should I use ?" (which seems to be your question... ?), I would recommend CI4. My two cents...

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By god, keep CI4 simple and flexible - by imabot - 01-12-2020, 12:14 AM
RE: By god, keep CI4 simple and flexible - by littlej - 01-12-2020, 03:49 PM

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