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Ajax not working without index.php


First of all, I checked every google result and no solution have been found. So I have the following problem.
If i try to access one normal route (Controller/method) and I omit index.php, everything works alright. But if there is index.php present, the Ajax call (also tried with postman) throws an 404 error on a POST method. The GET method is working properly with Postman call.

I tried many different htaccesses and not even one is working. But that is just a problem on ma local computer. I have a page on 3 different servers and it works ok on them. It also works on local server at my collegues.
I changed vhost configuration where I set AllowOverride All but nothing helps.

I am using CodeIgniter 3 but two days ago I updated to the newest version from develop branch.
My local server is:
Server version: Apache/2.4.10 (Ubuntu)
Server built: Jul 22 2014 22:50:56

Does anyone have a clue what should be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

I have been fighting with this issue along side him for quite some time. So far we have uncovered, that Apache 2.4.10 with PHP-FPM causes some issues on PHP5.6.0 on Ubuntu:

Check out PHP_SELF and SCRIPT_NAME, those are sent wrong, and I uncovered this: http://www.serverphorums.com/read.php?7,956732

Apparently there is an issue within PHP-FPM and Apache.

Next logical step will be to try and update PHP to a newer version.

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