Is CodeIgniter development dead?

It's very sad , as i see it's the end of the lightest and fastest method for coding.
Responsibility is most important part of the open source project . as i see that it does NOT exist on the ellislab's team.


[eluser]Ali Fattahi[/eluser]
It seems we have to migrate to other frameworks like cakephp and other good php frameworks ...

[quote author="Ali Fattahi" date="1369944639"]It seems we have to migrate to other frameworks like cakephp and other good php frameworks ...[/quote]

You only <b>have</b> to migrate to something else when there is a task CodeIgniter doesn't allow you to do and that other framework does.

Right on the money, what the hell else do you want (for free) that you can't find or build yourself? Greedy little things, where does such entitlement come from?

[quote author="pettersolberg" date="1367250540"]Opposite to the previous posts, I'd like to add my two cents.

In my opinion CI is just a very mature project. So the question is, do you need a "V3" mark on it or many new features to get your work done or just to keep your trigger-happy soul ehm... happy?

I've got a rather long running project, a site built on CI - I couldn't imagine upgrading it and getting it broken on every corner (google for stories on various other frameworks doing so).

You can implement some new stuff through libraries or helpers, I know, I know - it's not the same. Rather than complaining - just go for the framework, that suits your needs. Be it real, project-oriented, or imaginary, ego-oriented.


It's clear that ellislab doesn't need or want CI anymore. They are killing it slowly and surely painfully for us the CI lovers.

For now I'm struggling about the day after CI, there wasn't and it will never exist a framework as clean simple yet powerfull, fast and stable as CI.

I hope I'm wrong but RIP CI Sad

Being silent is not being dead or going to be dead. It's just the matter of fact that CI has reached the programmer's level of satisfaction using the framework. Updates are a little bit of slow for now, because there were no major bugs, and everything works fine. I mean it can't be dead just because of being silent. And why would ellislab spend their butts making the framework #1 just to drop it down in the future. Stop that false alarm.

If they will make CI open source, then it would be nicer. Big Grin

I like the slowly but surely approach of CodeIgniter.
It is very extendable so you can tweak it by yourself.
In short it is a mature project.

By the way who is the one man guy developing the 3.0 version?

[eluser]Peter Denk[/eluser]
I believe that to survive CI needs to be split into two major branches. One branch that is aimed at those who might have their software run on low budget hosted environments with legacy versions of PHP - currently that would be 5.2.x. And one branch that is aimed at those who are running their own production servers. This would not be the bleeding edge where things break frequently, but a stable and maintained version of PHP that is included in for instance Debian old-stable - currently that would be 5.3.x.

The upside for those that like EllisLab can not require more than a legacy version of PHP is that when the time comes to raise the bar there is a new version of CI ready that has been tested by many.

Ok, I know CI is the most stable PHP framework.

I don't mind using it as it's but with some issues to be solved for example the support of Sql Server, CI support is deprecated. we need some fixing for those things nothing more nothing less.

BTW can some of you explain the licencing strategy for CI 3.


Derek Jones explains the new OSL 3 here:

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