The Future of CodeIgniter

Only thing live right now is the transfer to their GitHub.

New CodeIgniter GitHub

The new site is online, but say the least its a bit simplistic... uses the default Bootstrap theme. It has a forum based on phpBB.
Its need some improvement here and there. I hope it will shine and will be a useful tool. Maybe it should be available on github for improvements.
Update: I just read the new site's "About this site" page and the above will be happen. Smile
Maybe as a temporarly solution for the lack of prettier design, the old style should be applied:

And there are a few errors:
- Vector logos are missing:
- Contact address: [email protected],ca

Hilarious that people say that I should be kicked/banned.

I started off with codeigniter when I first started all those years ago. Unfortunately I have out-grown it and moved on alike a lot of other accomplished and high-level developers onto better things.

I develop in C++, Swift, Javascript (nodejs), PHP, Hacklang and the usual HTML5, CSS3 (+animations). I am developing in Slim, Lean (Hacklang) and then with my own 5.5+ OOP framework.

Unfortunately looking at the site and the forums with zero posts. It's a shame how its progressing. Definitely the wrong owner to have CI in its stewardship.

a) Site.

Very poor site. Sure the owner has mentioned they aren't a designer. But surely BCIT have designers? Where are the students?

b) No posts in forum.

Very poor. What will happen to these forums and all the golden nuggets in questions and answers? There is a lot of helpful information here for new users. Should be an archived section in that forum.

c) Still no news.

There should at least by now be every intention of the framework and where its going to go. Will we have a 5.5/5.6+ version? Why havent they released 3 or backported the updates of 3 into one last version of 2? Why not splitting the framework into a micro-framework for speed and then having modules where you can add in the cart, auth mechanism, etc much like laravel does?

There are so many things that could be done.

If you have shared hosting, you stay with the last 2.x edition. If you don't, new project. Go with version 4?

d) Reliance on community.

Where is the team behind BCIT? I only see 1 guy. Very poor.

Oh and one more thing. I'm far from a troll. I'm self employed, with a company thats 100% internet and I build very complex systems much akin to that of real-time bidding systems. So yeah. Maybe I am trolling because I dont support 6+ year old systems and stuck in dead-end jobs with cms systems? /s

no1youknowz - you are not helping anything. Most of use here care about CI and want it to succeed. Thanks for your criticism of CI, points taken and valid. Now lets keep it upbeat and positive and working to further CI not bring it down. Also as you know, with you vast knowledge of computers and programming, it takes time to get things accomplished. Lets give them some time. It has only been a little over two weeks.

Lets see how we can all help....

How did we end up here...

This place is horrible...

Smells like balls.

Ban "no1youknowz" he is a real Troll .. and he is very hungry.

Great news, I hope it will keep alive!

To join that conversation: many people participating to that framework war. But still not understand that concept if somebody want a bicycle, why others mentioning abs, airbags and cruise control and believe you can't live without these!? I mean these are cool stuff, but there is a case, when I want only a bike. A fast bike. Without PSR-0 standards, composer or ORM.

iamzozo....I agree! CI is just what I need. If I need composer I add big deal. You want the other stuff, go to another framework there are plenty out there.

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