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*Project Log* - Dove Forums - Codeigniter Forums Solution

For those interested... It's very stale, but still around.


(04-15-2015, 01:45 AM)T3utonicT3rror Wrote: Hello everyone,

Some of you may remember me and this project from the days of Ellis Labs forums.

Dove Forums is a Open Source Bulletin Board solutions built on CI3 + Twitter Bootstrap.  This project has had many stops and starts due to my private life and work getting in the way.  However with the launch of CI3 I thought I would bring this project back to life  Big Grin.

You can find the project over at GitHub HERE.  At the moment I have only just started it again, so as it stands there is nothing to download yet! its in early development.

Keep an eye on this project as over the next few days I am hoping to have the basic software with basic features setup and working correctly.  If you would like to contribute or have any feature requests I would love to hear from you.

Thats all for now, I will update this log as the project moves forward.


My biggest request is to have a feature that will allow the creator or admin of the thread to flag it as solved and or be able to select the response(s) as the solution to the issue.

PHP Code:
$title =. $title." [SOLVED]"
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

Joined CodeIgniter Community 2009.  ( Skype: insitfx )

I was trying to request that it be a default feature. Not how to do it(thanks anyway). I really hate to look at threads and have to figure out if it was resolved or not.

I was somewhat interested in it too, so I went looking for it and found some issues.

It hasn't been touched in 6 years on GitHub anyway, and it's running on CI 2.1.3.

Here's one version from 3 years ago: https://github.com/rhondamoananui/DoveForums  running CI 3.0.0

I think it's safe to say, unless someone decides to pick it and continue development on forum software (which you'll often hear forums are arguably old and dying) you're on your own as far as feature requests...

Most users will be moving to CI 4 any ways so they would create a new forums version.
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

Joined CodeIgniter Community 2009.  ( Skype: insitfx )

Maybe I'll play around with it and bring it up to CI 3.1.8
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

Joined CodeIgniter Community 2009.  ( Skype: insitfx )

Hello everyone,

Wow I did not know it had been so long since I last put out any updates on this one.

So let me explain what's been going on, and the future of this project.

Shortly after my last update on this, I lost 2 family members in very short space of time, I also seperated from my partner of 6 years to start a fresh. This is when I stopped working on Dove Forums, I lost all interest in code and my head was not in the right place to carry on the project.

However ... time is a great healer and in the last few weeks I have actually picked up the project once more. I was not going to announce it until I was a lot closer to the end goal but seeing as this thread has had some interest and InsiteFX is talking about breathing fresh life into it I thought maybe it was time.

So moving forwards I will be opening my github repo again and this time I would really enjoy seeing some community input. The project is only in its very early stages as I have been trying to decide on the best angle of attack for it and trying to figure out a good CSS framework for the project to run on, but I am working on it a few hours a day (again to prevent myself going stale or getting fustrated).

The project has also been renamed to "Yeti Forums", I lost access to the domain I originally had and it has since been taken over. For those interested the github link is https://github.com/IrradiatedChimp/Yeti.

If you would like a feature request, you can either do it here or over at the github page by launching an Issue.

Kind Regards
Chris Baines
Yeti Forums


I sent you a message.

(07-02-2018, 09:30 AM)enlivenapp Wrote: T3utonicT3rror

I sent you a message.

Where abouts have you sent it? Noting in my PM’s or was it via email/github?

Yeti Forums (Formally Dove Forums) - Find us on GitHub

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