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Office Hours - October 2015

I am scheduling two "office hours" at the beginning of October: Friday October 3, 07:00UTC (11pm my time Thursday, 8am central Europe) and Friday October 3, 16:00UTC (8am my time Friday, 5pm central Europe). Hopefully I got the times right - I am sure someone will correct me if I didn't Undecided

I had planned to hold these quarterly, but summer vacations & busy schedules got in the way of a July one.

During one-hour timeslots starting at each of the above times, I will be on the CodeIgniter IRC channel to answer questions you might have. We expect that CodeIgniter 4 will be a hot topic! I plan to have a project update posted on October 1st, to give you a day or two to absorb what we have done recently, and what we are up to for the next while.

I may be joined by one or more of the other council members. For those unable to "attend", the transcript will be posted here.

(09-07-2015, 05:06 PM)ciadmin Wrote: I am scheduling two "office hours" at the beginning of October: Friday October 3, 07:00UTC (11pm my time Thursday, 8am central Europe) and Friday October 3, 16:00UTC (8am my time Friday, 5pm central Europe). Hopefully I got the times right - I am sure someone will correct me if I didn't Undecided

October 3 is a saturday, not a friday.
I found this site to help convert to local time :
1st meeting: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=...-3&sln=7-8
2nd meeting: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=...&sln=16-17
CodeIgniter 4 tutorials (EN/FR) - https://includebeer.com

Oops - I got the date wrong!! It should read Friday Oct 2!!
My time, the first meeting will be at midnight (thursday), and the second one will be 9am (friday).

This evening's office hour has concluded (transcript below).
next office hour in the morning Undecided

(10:55:46 PM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(10:55:46 PM) jlparry: Welcome to the CodeIgniter Office Hour(s)
(10:55:46 PM) jlparry: This is Jim Parry, Project Lead
(10:55:46 PM) jlparry: We are here to answer any questions you have. Be nice!
(10:55:46 PM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(10:59:57 PM) moveax: hi jlparry
(11:01:36 PM) moveax: http://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-63166-post-323682.html#pid323682
(11:02:54 PM) jlparry: heya
(11:27:22 PM) slax0r: noooooooooo

(11:27:26 PM) slax0r: NOT ON A FRIDAY!!!!!
(11:28:55 PM) moveax: morns slax0r
(11:29:05 PM) moveax: TGIF indeed
(11:34:16 PM) slax0r: what's the point of a firday if reddit is down?
(11:39:22 PM) slax0r: oh yeah, morning everybody
(11:51:21 PM) xxc_michael: what's office hours .... have i missed something
(11:54:23 PM) moveax: xxc_michael: see the link i posted
(11:54:37 PM) moveax: the project lead is answering questions to the ci project
(11:57:49 PM) xxc_michael: whoa haven't entered CI forum from years .. things have changed a lot
(11:58:20 PM) moveax: same here
(11:58:35 PM) moveax: the docs are so nice, you don't need to go there (if you read em properly)
(12:20:24 AM) xxc_michael: jlparry: What are the plans for CI4 - i see there are a lot of topics and discussions going on but there isn't any repo or anything written. So .... Are there any fixed dates or anything that the dev will start?
(12:22:01 AM) jlparry: xxc_michael: the roadmap has been published on the forum, with the ordered groups of components to implement.
(12:22:39 AM) jlparry: xxc_michael: we have a low profile repo where we are prototyping core components, before opening it up for general development
(12:22:50 AM) jlparry: xxc_michael: timeframe ... when it is ready :-/
(12:23:21 AM) jlparry: xxc_michael: seriously, lonnie & narf are doing the bulk of the heavy lifting at the moment, and trying to make sure we have a workable core
(12:29:17 AM) xxc_michael: Thanks for the response ;)
(12:32:52 AM) skope: so 4 is complete rewrite?
(12:33:02 AM) jlparry: yes
(12:33:09 AM) skope: awesome!
(12:33:12 AM) jlparry: fun!
(12:34:43 AM) _druu: TEQUILA!
(12:34:49 AM) _druu: what are we playing?
(12:35:17 AM) moveax: Q&A with topic codeigniter ;)
(01:07:23 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(01:07:23 AM) jlparry: Thank you for joining us for the CodeIgniter Office Hour
(01:07:23 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
James Parry
Project Lead

This morning's office hour has concluded (transcript below).
Look forward to the next office hour towards the end of the year!

(07:57:18 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(07:57:18 AM) jlparry: Welcome to the CodeIgniter Office Hour(s)
(07:57:18 AM) jlparry: This is Jim Parry, Project Lead
(07:57:18 AM) jlparry: We are here to answer any questions you have. Be nice!
(07:57:18 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(07:57:28 AM) VictorCL: :D
(07:57:54 AM) ^Lestat: isexy
(07:57:54 AM) VictorCL: jlparry how is ver 4 going?
(07:58:20 AM) moveax: jlparry: this morning (my time) you telled us about codeigniter 4. You said it will be a complete rewrite. How about backwards compatibility?
(07:58:43 AM) LouCypher: good day jlparry
(07:59:13 AM) jlparry: lonnie & andrey are prototyping the core components, well maybe not as we speak ... trying to make sure we have it "right" before making a public repo under bcit-ci and opening the floodgates
motakjuq moveax
(08:00:08 AM) jlparry: moveax: CI4 will break BC for sure. Adopting PHP7 pretty much guarantees that
(08:00:28 AM) moveax: ok, thanks :)
(08:00:37 AM) jlparry: moveax: we are trying to retain the philosophy of CI ... lean, mean, powerful ... while modernizing
(08:00:43 AM) jlparry: LouCypher: heya
(08:00:47 AM) VictorCL: so no option to upgrade?
(08:00:52 AM) mindtech: so CI4 would be a complete reboot of the core/structures of old CI's?
(08:01:21 AM) LouCypher: as long as it wont' end up like laravel having 40 megs of core files ... :D
(08:01:28 AM) jlparry: VictorCL: not clear. that has been suggested, and everyone seems to think it is a good idea, but not sure how to build it yet. that is an issue for pre-release
(08:02:02 AM) mindtech: i dont like laravel.
(08:02:12 AM) LouCypher: +1
(08:02:36 AM) mindtech: better to use micro frameworks than laravel
(08:02:49 AM) VictorCL: jlparry it will use active records or introduce some orm into it?
(08:03:05 AM) jlparry: mindtech: i think so, if i understand you properly. we are trying to maintain some of the magic (er segment based routing) while providing for working outside that
(08:03:06 AM) LouCypher: doctrine for slax0r :P
(08:03:32 AM) jlparry: LouCypher: CI4 will be lean. if anything, even leaner and smaller than CI3!
(08:03:54 AM) jlparry: CI4 will *not* be laravel, or anything close in terms of bundled stuff
(08:04:06 AM) LouCypher: that is good news jlparry
(08:04:22 AM) jlparry: but it should be easier to integrate other stuff, maybe even doctrine (shudder)
(08:04:26 AM) mindtech: what about the php version support? 5.5+?
(08:04:52 AM) LouCypher: i think earlier he said adopt 7 ?
(08:05:01 AM) jlparry: VictorCL: no ORM, but developers should be able to plug theirs in. query builder capability makes sense as a core abstraction
(08:05:13 AM) jlparry: mindtech: php7
(08:06:09 AM) jlparry: CI4 will be a full, but lean framework ... more than micro, less than "macro"
(08:06:28 AM) mindtech: new name for php 5.7
(08:06:35 AM) mindtech: php 7
(08:07:18 AM) jlparry: mindtech: hmmm - matter of opinion. there is enough different to call it a new version, i think
(08:07:22 AM) VictorCL: jlparry another thing, the site codeigniter.com has been down a few times this month
(08:08:21 AM) jlparry: VictorCL: once that i am aware of ... not sure why apache fell over. we are using cloudflare now, for CDN ... downtime should no longer be apparent
(08:09:08 AM) VictorCL: cool :D
(08:09:17 AM) VictorCL: well I remember it cause couldnt access the guies
(08:09:24 AM) VictorCL: docs I mean
(08:09:40 AM) VictorCL: got to go,
(08:09:44 AM) jlparry: i am trying to migrate the main site and the forum to totally SSL, but there are so many buried links :(
(08:10:25 AM) jlparry: the user guide seems to be happily dished using the CDN ... not sure about the performance, but it should be improved over a month ago :)
(08:10:33 AM) mindtech: will CI4 maintain the exising systax for its coding style and routing? or CI4 will be a new learning curve? when will be he release date?
(08:12:18 AM) jlparry: mindtech: no guarantees on syntax ... it is too early to tell; we want to keep the option of some of the current CI "way" - segment based routing, convention based component location, etc; while opening up namespaced components that can be anywhere the developer wants them
(08:12:58 AM) jlparry: mindtech: there will be a learning curve, for sure, but hopefully a path through the new stuff that current developers are comfortable with
(08:13:35 AM) mindtech: nice. okay thanks. got to go hit the sack.
(08:14:06 AM) jlparry: mindtech: release date unspecified. given the anticipated work involved, we expect 12-15 months of development, which would suggest 2017.
(08:14:22 AM) jlparry: Lonnie's post on the forum has a much better explanation :)
(08:14:54 AM) jlparry: http://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-62615.html
(08:36:03 AM) ^Lestat: omg
(08:36:30 AM) LouCypher: time flies when jlparry is around :)
(08:38:18 AM) ^Lestat: That forum thread
(08:39:55 AM) jlparry: ^Lestat: ?
(08:40:09 AM) ^Lestat: Change is hard
(08:40:27 AM) ^Lestat: Im worried it will change to be over my head (which doesnt take much)
(08:40:36 AM) jlparry: perhaps, but it is sometimes necessary
(08:40:58 AM) jlparry: ^Lestat: i am not in a position to comment on that, now or with CI4 :p
(08:41:15 AM) ^Lestat: hehe
(08:41:22 AM) ^Lestat: cart removal ;/
(08:41:41 AM) ^Lestat: I need to kick up my learning
(08:42:11 AM) ^Lestat: I know nothing abt namespaces
(08:42:12 AM) jlparry: that has been in the wind for a while ... the CI one is a pain, and there are many better ones out there
(08:42:43 AM) ^Lestat: php 5
(08:42:45 AM) LouCypher: namespaces are a necessity ...
(08:42:57 AM) jlparry: namespaces are kinda important with the newer php
(08:43:27 AM) LouCypher: i think there are a lot of ppl that don't want to use ci because of namespaces
(08:43:32 AM) ^Lestat: yea, especially if I am going to be using others libs. I will need to know how that all works
(08:43:43 AM) jlparry: ya
(08:43:58 AM) jlparry: we are emerging from the "dark ages", according to many :-/
(08:44:33 AM) LouCypher: well .. as long as you don't go too much to the future ... :p
(08:45:14 AM) LouCypher: a nice feature would be .. just came to me ... to be able to create a quick "admin" page with crud
(08:45:17 AM) LouCypher: options
(08:45:28 AM) LouCypher: kinda like symfony 1 had - not sure if 2 has it anymore
(08:46:15 AM) jlparry: LouCypher: have you checked the CI4 subforum? that has been proposed, but not likely to be core
(08:46:21 AM) jlparry: more likely as an addon
(08:46:32 AM) LouCypher: jlparry i must say i haven't
(08:48:13 AM) jlparry: the community has proposed all sorts of things ... the usual (hmvc, scaffolding, ...), a bazillion ORM or templating engines, better unit testing / debugging support
(08:48:40 AM) LouCypher: i was just watching some flames over template engines :))
(08:48:44 AM) ^Lestat: hmvc ;)
(08:48:48 AM) jlparry: some of these will find their way into the core, others will be left to addons, which we will try to make as painless as possible
(08:48:50 AM) jlparry: ya
(08:49:29 AM) jlparry: template engines ... many think "theirs" is the best, and should be bundled. no consensus!!
(08:49:37 AM) LouCypher: http://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-62730.html this guy is already using ci4 ...
(08:49:54 AM) jlparry: hmvc - most agree it is good, but most of what we have seen misuses the pattern.
(08:50:12 AM) ^Lestat: Oh I loves it
(08:51:42 AM) LouCypher: back to work ... need to punish myself for not commenting well
(08:52:12 AM) jlparry: ciao
(08:53:22 AM) LouCypher: have a good day
(08:59:45 AM) ^Lestat: hmmm I never red the forums
(08:59:52 AM) jlparry: I will be around for a while yet, in case anyone (me?) got the time wrong :-|
(09:08:14 AM) hsquared: jlparry: like that short intro round and the introduction thread from the forums
(09:09:18 AM) hsquared: besides any discussion on the content (I don't have enoug knowledge) it keeps people informed about the status of thee project and the planned future
(09:09:22 AM) hsquared: so everything right
(09:15:23 AM) jlparry: hsquared: :D
(09:32:22 AM) jlparry: That's a wrap, then!
(09:32:46 AM) jlparry: **********************************************************
(09:32:46 AM) jlparry: Thank you for having joined us for the CodeIgniter Office Hour
(09:32:46 AM) jlparry: **********************************************************
James Parry
Project Lead

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