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Is it ok to work in Laravel and CodeIgniter side way? Will it kill my learningcurve ?

I am total noob to frameworks, I have been doing everything in raw php-codes only. DB call, authentication, everything using raw phpcodes, but now the time comes for using a phpframework, since I got a new project, its an SMB project, mostly doing administration, reports, lists etc.

I was searching and reading a lot of laravel vs CodeIgniter debates and articles. I still cannot make a full-heated decision to select one. So many says Laravel is awesome, young, powerful, feature-rich etc but on the down side, it is like Ubuntu of PHP? version/update changes too frequent ?

on the side CodeIgniter, so many says its dead but their official announcement confirms the v3 is out and going to v4 steadily.

Since I am new to frameworks and somewhat OOPS also, I think to start using both frameworks sideways for different projects. But my worry is, Will it kill the learning curve ? Is the coding structure of both directly opposite or too far ?

Hope to read some good advises thanks

I would suggest that it might get confusing, but it depends on you of course and how you learn best. CI is much easier to get into IMHO and although both are php frameworks, they of course work in different ways. The learning curve for CI is quite shallow, so you can get up to speed very quickly. For Laraval it is alot steeper and takes a lot longer to get up to speed from my experience. I never touch Laraval now, and would not go back to it.

As a CI fan, I would of course say forget Laraval, and stick with CI. It is robust, powerful, flexible and reliable.

However, many people rave about Laraval too, so I suppose it is up to you, but I would do some initial testing on both and decide which to focus on rather than do both at once.

Hope that helps,


I think that, in many ways, the two are different enough that, as long as you don't confuse them, you should be able to learn both more or less in parallel. I do find it easier to stick with one thing, especially when I'm learning, but it's still possible to move between things, and you may find methods of working with CI when moving between it and Laravel that aren't as obvious to someone who just works with CI all the time.

On the other hand, I found that I only really started to understand either framework when I spent some time really trying to do some work with it, so you might want to design a basic site that implements a handful of things you think would be necessary for a real site and go through the process of implementing that basic site in each framework (one at a time, rather than constantly moving between the two frameworks).

Finally, if you find something about the way you implemented that basic site in Laravel that you would like to do in CI, but you can't figure out how to do it, this is as good a place as any to ask.

Laravel has a lot of things build in that codeigniter does not, but if you use Composer, this won't matter. I have my production system built in codeigniter using several Laravel components through composer (Eloquent, Events...).

It does scare me how quickly and drastically Laravel can change. I built a system in 4.1 about a year and a half ago. My client asked me to create another site using laravel. When I got 5.0, all the file structure had changed, many functions and procedures... It was rather annoying having to learn the new way to do things. All that being said, once I got comfortable with 5.0 (and now 5.1) it makes sense how and why they did it and it works.

If you are a newbie to frameworks, you'll grasp codeigniter much quicker than laravel so that may be the way to go. If you're up for the challenge, Laravel is more complicated but you may get more out of it in the end than learning codeigniter.

This may all change with ci 4.0 though..
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!

I started with CodeIgniter and CodeIgniter had a problem before.
And decided to try Laravel.
Laravel is good and very advance.
Laravel has many rules to follow PSR0-4 etc... etc...
And then I came back here again for CodeIgniter.
Because I Love the simplicity of CodeIgniter, specially the installation part.

My professional advice is you need to choose one only and stick with it until you master it.

I think you will end up using different frameworks for different solutions. Even though CodeIgniter is fairly slim, it can be overkill if you've got something super simple. If you're going to work with a team of developers on a project of great size, you should probably have a long discussion regarding the framework to use. Otherwise, if it's your choice, try a few and do what you want. Forget about what everyone else says.

nice input, but I'm also trying to learn android.
I'm experiencing information overload lol ^__^

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