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basic Project for beginner : entry level

Hello I need some basic project /scratch for my skill growth and to to grab the opportunity in development . Please suggest me.

Do the Tutorials in the CodeIgniter Users Guide.

Before you jump in learn to swim, spend a weekend just with
the CodeIgniter Users Guide.

Read it from the beginning to the end, also tear apart the
CodeIgniter system and see how they are doing things.
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

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Fully agree, the CI tutorial help me understand a lot of CI, well worth do it and even starting to play araound with it, adding soem new function, templating, etc. Do it for a weekend as suggested and you well on your way.
On the package it said needs Windows 7 or better. So I installed Linux.

What type of projects are you looking for?
First, you need to clear which language you want to do the project in. Then you can get multiple project to work on. You get get open projects on GitHub and start coding.

Whenever I am starting on a new framework I start with the tutorials (duh - obviously) but then you have to have a go with a project of your own making. So I have built and rebuilt many times a todo list with multiple lists and various amounts of functionality. So for me a todo list is a good start. You have authorisation and login to begin with, then accessing the database, then templating and layout, then input handling and combining js for UIX, security, optimisation, almost everything you need to hone your skills.

And I love todo lists. Or is that my OCD coming out.

When you get good another favourite of mine is project management, building a project manager can be extraordinarily difficult depending on the functionality you want to include.

Best wishes,


I think a good beginner project is making an e-commerce website. It'll keep you busy for a while, and you'll learn a lot. You have to learn how to properly design a database, manage products, sort products, sell products, create orders, ship orders, charge credit cards, etc.

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