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CodeIgniter - Appropriate for medium scale

Hi all,

I've come across a business opportunity that will likely result in what I'd call a medium scale website.  I'm not 100% sure my scaling estimate is accurate but lets just say it could have 50,000 users, probably close to 500 at a time during various periods of the year.

The website is fairly simple and is basically a database app keeping track of things.

I've written four smaller websites in CodeIgniter and I'm very happy with the framework and what it provides.  One of my smaller sites was a website that offered music upload and playback for artists.  That website had enough traffic and use that my host provider was kind of mad at me for bandwidth.  CI performed well in that instance.

I realize that my choice of hosting plays a big role in how well a website performs under load but I've never tried to use it for something that could be as large as this opportunity.   

For those of you that do this professionally would you chose CodeIgniter for a site of this potential size?  The primary criteria I can give at this time is perhaps 500 users online at a time reading, updating, and adding information to various databases.

Thanks in advance

I would also be interested in knowing about your company if you do contract work.


I'm on my second (very large) project with CI, among the dozen or so smaller ones.

My first project manages some 2 million requests daily, handles a multi million dollar business both front and back end with a few thousand orders daily.

My current project manages a SaaS with hundreds of clients who use it as a POS system at thousands of locations across the nation. We have over 50,000 concurrent users at any given time. (we also have hella servers, backup servers, routers and can spin up more on demand) We handle POS terminal CC transactions (as well as a slew of other payments), reservations, services, POS items, cash drawers, etc.

Both on CI, the first using a jQuery frontend, the second ReactJs.

It can handle pretty much whatever you throw at it.

Kaosweaver - thanks for sharing. Those are awesome stats! We should start some kind of testimonials/specs section for the main site with stuff like that. Smile

And to put my $0.02 in there - Uber made their first $25 million using it, before they decided to switch things up.
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Wow!! Do you have a link or more information about that?

(01-13-2020, 07:44 AM)php_rocs Wrote: @kilishan,

Wow!! Do you have a link or more information about that?

I can't find it right now, and it's been a few years back that I heard that. I believe I originally heard it on the PHP Town Hall podcast, and then found a tech stack document for additional info after that. But my Google skills are failing me currently. Smile
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