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Looking for input from those of you with CI experience as well as Node/TS. experience

A few months ago I took over an application written in Node/Angular/Nest even though I have never worked with Angular or TypeScript and it has been a nightmare. The function of this single-page-application is to serve as a rapid development test-bed to fill in gaps in our core product. I am the sole person on this project and own it from ideation and design to development, deployment, and support. The foreign syntax and extreme obfuscation of types, interfaces, GraphQL, and the complete separation of front-end and back-end is simply too much overhead and I find myself spending more time reverse engineering what I've inherited to understand the dozens of node modules or the application structure than I do building new features.

Today I let my boss know that I'm done with this and I'm going to rewrite the application from scratch using what I know, and I what I know is php and javascript (front end JS, I've never worked with Node before this).

All the application does is:

* Login is handled via external SSO using cookies/JWT
* A list of reports is shown and you can edit/create/delete reports Reports are stored in MariaDB with some meta data like who owns them as well as a JSON object that defines the report parameters.
* Reports are then saved back to the DB and/or the JSON is sent to an Amazon SQS queue to be processed by a Spark process I don't manage.
* Once the reports have processed and are saved back to MariaDb they are able to be viewed in a simple table.

That's it. Super simple single page application.

I am currently trying to determine if using CI4 is the right move or if I should try to use something else written in Node/TypeScript. I like what I've learned of Node and TypeScript so far, but the application as I inherited it is over-engineered and acts more as an academic exercise than a practical testbed for rapid iteration and deployment.

Ideally what I'd like is CodeIgniter written in Node/TypeScript, but that seems like a very specific and niche request.

What I'm asking is, if any of you have wisdom to share, please do.

You need to choose either of them, Node JS and CodeIgniter dosen't go hand it hand. It's different server side programming.

Haven't used Node JS myself, so you need to chose if you want it easy route as you already know PHP by my understanding. Or the hard way and learn Node JS. :-)

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