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Liaison Installer - Full suite installer for CodeIgniter4

Liaison Installer for CodeIgniter4

A full suite installer for CodeIgniter4. (Inspired from Laravel Installer and fortified with other features)

> composer global require paulbalandan/codeigniter4-installer

> codeigniter4 new [--dev] [--with-git] [--with-gitflow] [-f|--force] [--] [<name>]

  • Downloads and extracts the right CI4 version
  • Removes extraneous files and directories
  • Creates out-of-the-box phpunit.xml.dist and phpunit GitHub action for continuous integration tests
  • Prepares  your composer.json
  • Initializes empty Git repository and Git Flow, if desired
  • Other features to come!  

This sounds great! I started on a script for something like this but never finished this. Definitely looking forward to checking it out when I’m back on desktop.

One recommendation (if I’m understanding this right, on mobile): I wouldn’t encourage ever downloading the main CodeIgniter4 repo. While that’s the desired approach for submitting PRs, I think projects will always want to start with the AppStarter - then if they want to use the latest code from the repo change the dependency in composer.json. Check out the “builds” script in admin/starter if you haven’t already!

Yes, the default installation is always on Appstarter. Adding the "--dev" flag will go for the developer version.

Just to be clear... The “develop” version of the AppStarter is different than the CodeIgniter 4 repo, and if I were using a project-launching script and passed “—dev” I would expect the former, not the latter. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and you’re already doing that, but this line makes it look like your actually installing the repo in place:

case 'develop':
$zip = 'https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4/zipball/develop';

I’ll be on desktop in a couple hours and can finally check it out for real. Sorry if this is all moot.

Sorry but I did not follow. What are the differences exactly? From what I understand, develop version of appstarter will have the latest "system" folder, but not app, public, and other root files that have changed in the dev repo.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm open for enhancements really, and this is a great help.

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