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Simple CMS

I was thinking of perhaps some kind of simple CMS for small businesses to make a website with pages like homepage, map, menu prices, contact etc... but perhaps this is a bit complex just to showcase the framework. Another idea would be a simple forum, https aka ms remoteconnect but perhaps someone would have a better idea for a simple project. I've had a course module and then practical training experience working with the Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC with C#. That was ok, but I'm a Linux guy and have coded (badly) with php as a hobby for some years. I would much rather further my knowledge of php and MVC design architecture which I really liked using with ASP.NET. My front end skills are also up to scratch.

one of the guys is already doing this ; just go through forum to find it.

I have done my own approach to a CMS and got what works for me working .

You can click on link to my web. What you will not see is any quote to a login , since that gives a hacker a running start.Im also a Linux user Slackware .

By the way the book that is part finished and available is well worth a read . It mentions a blog engine but i haven't got to that part yet. Its a different angle from the docs starts easy , then goes deeper.


Took me half a day to take in Dependency INjection approach !

Creating a CMS with Codeigniter is not trivial but not difficult. I have always created my own CMS, but my migration to Codeigniter many years ago helped a lot because it added helpful functionality and, more importantly, helped me improve the organization of my code. Even so, it is easy to end up with spaghetti and functionality in the wrong places (ie, libraries versus models and controllers versus those two and sometimes views) and it takes a long time to fully understand the difference between a piece of code you use once and a piece of code you use multiple times. It is sometimes easy and convenient to put something in the wrong location. Consequently, as I add functionality, I am always surprised by the clutter in my old code.

One of the big problems I encounter with books and almost all CMSes is that while they function, they do not really reflect usage cases outside blogs and control panels. It does not matter if they are galleries or other types, they tend to be constructed with Drupal et al in mind.

The key issue that is not addressed is how do you add content? It is obviously addressed, but I have yet to see someone view content addition from the perspective of an over worked, yet inherently lazy person. My solution was a CMS, but a separate back end for content addition, creation and to a limited extent analysis. It is at this point that projects become completely non trivial.

One thing I learned in all of this is that if variable and function names do not convey their intended meaning, even looking back at your own code will leave you scratching your head wondering what that is supposed to be. Consequently, I think example programs ought to be absolutely clear and read more like a book than an abstract painting. I do not know how many times I have looked at well written moderately complex code and needed hours to understand how it worked and how I could use it. In my mind, the more obvious it is, the more useful it is as a starting point.

Cudos for all your efforts.

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