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CodeIgniter load capacity?


I'm building a large website on a scalable server and I'm thinking of using CodeIgniter  Big Grin . The only thing is, I'm expecting a LOT of traffic in the first few days. How does CI handle large loads? Will users be blocked when trying to reach the server during high-traffic times?

As a side-note, what does CI offer in terms of scalability and stability that other frameworks lack?

Thanks in advance for all your answers! Wink

To be frank, the framework that you use is only a small portion of the total picture when you're expecting a high load. The DevOps portion is every bit as crucial. If you know what you're doing you could take a Symfony or CakePHP app and make it run faster than CI out of the box. In the right circumstances, anyway. Smile

CodeIgniter will do fine for you, but you'll need to look at your a number of items too large to go into here, including very liberal caching, or even serving static HTML files where possible. You might look into Varnish cache system to put in front of it, with a load balancer in front of several servers and at least 1 dedicated database server. I don't know exactly what you're application does so it's really hard to tell exactly what you need. And, honestly, my knowledge on building anything at that scale is mostly theory and book knowledge, anyway. I haven't had the opportunity to work on anything that really truly needed to scale.

Scaling PHP is an excellent book on the subject by the guy behind TwitPic.

What I do know, though, is that people have a tendency to expect much bigger traffic, faster, than they typically get. With any luck, you'll be the exception. Smile

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