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Full Version: Current Forum Issues
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Current Forum Issues - kilishan

First off we apologize for the issues on the forums the last few days. The performance issue is a huge deal, and we are trying to fix it.

Looking at the statistics in Cloudflare, if accurate, we are seeing a massive number of visitors. While I wish CodeIgniter were this popular I cannot see the current visitor base accounting for 25.55k unique visitors, 2.16M requests, and 7GB of data served in the last 24 hours.

I have turned on the "Under Attack" mode in Cloudflare. That presents a javascript challenge before you can get to the site and dramatically improves performance once you're in.

Now I'm seeing strange issues, though, where visiting a thread says the thread is not actually there and, when going back to the forum index has messed up statistics. I can confirm these posts are NOT being deleted in the database.

Please excuse the mess over the next few days as we try to resolve these issues.

And hopefully you can actually see this post /sigh.