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Full Version: Using the CI logo
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The CI logo provided by BCIT, is (supposedly) provided in a zip file, downloadable from a link on this page:

That file,, contains a single doc named:

If I had to guess, it looks like an adobe-illustrator file extension...

I'm unable to open this with my linux toolset and I do not own adobe-illustrator.

Can you either advise how to open it without adobe, or better yet, provide simple image files within the zip?

Yes, I did search for programs with can access a file with the .ai extension:

and, no, I don't have any of these.
It's Adobe Illustrator Vector art, not a regular image. So you can scale to whatever size you need without pixelation/distortion and preserve the layers.

It also actually has 3 different versions of the logo.

I'm trying to attach the file converted to a png, to preserve transparency. Perhaps you can use it.
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  Thank you, I got the png and I can cut the logos apart using GIMP.

I was hoping to get only the flame logo, which was available when Ellislabs owned CI.

Yes, I could capture that flame logo from the website, but I was hoping to get it
within the bounds of legality and polite behavior <g>

Your effort is appreciated.

Also previous to BCIT's acquisition of CI, the logo (flame only) was available with various
backgrounds (whilte, black and transparent).  I think these would be useful for developers
and I hope BCIT will make them available again.
At some point, once the insanity of school and version release etc drop to manageable levels, I plan to address the whole CI media issue better. Several community members have asked if they could have or if they could contribute different badges, icons, etc, which I think would be cool. There are just too many things happening right now Sad

Generally speaking, you are free to use the logo (flame) in connection with a CI-related project or site, as long as you don't claim it as your own. I suspect there is additional legal wordage that is supposed to accompany that, to keep the lawyers happy, but that is the gist of it Smile

  Thanks for the feedback.  Your legal page seems to cover the requirements fairly well.  It is the same page that contains the download link discussed above.

I hope you get to sleep occasionally Smile