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Full Version: admin and main and migrating to server with limited access
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I have a CI site built on my VPS that I'd now like to transfer to my client's host, where he has no shell access, no apache config access (well, .htaccess but not httpd.conf or other vhost config).

Here's the dilemma: I built and to both point to the same document root. On Apache IRC I was recently told not to do this but never told why.

So, the reason why I did this is to make things simpler for sharing code. The domain and the subdomain share images, javascript, stylesheets, and mp3s, etc.

I also use the common mod_rewrite method known here for removing index.php from the URL.

I have this working on my VPS by putting the mod-rewrite and, in the case of admin, the basic .htaccess authentication, inside the vhost directives in httpd.conf. Each domain has a differently named "index.php" file. One is main.php and the other is admin.php. AFAIK, I can't accomplish all the mod-rewrite, the different index filenames, and the http authentication for admin, with just .htaccess.

Can someone please suggest the simplest route to take? I've been stumped on this for a long time and now the time has come to make the migration and I'm stuck.