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Full Version: Code Generator
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For the code generator there are two main question I would like answers to:

1) To what extent do we get involved? (For example, do we allow for only one file creation at a time, or do we provide for creation of multiple linked files at once?)

2) Do we want the generated files to be templates or just have a basic file with just the structure of the file and no code in it?

Also, when provided with a database, when we create the support for it (Model, View and Controller) do we provide an initial display of the information or do we just generate the linked files (with the database and amongst themselves) and leave the implementation up to the user?
Since CI does not, to my knowledge, contain a "code generator" utility... 
What do you mean?  Are you using a third party tool?

[edit] Ok, sorry, it did not find this thread through the main menu so I missed that it refers to Netbeans...