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Full Version: [urgent] site does not work on IE6
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Hi ,

I have developed a website for one of my clients and I used CI 1.6.3.
This site works perfectly on FF3 & IE7 & Opera but when it loading it on IE6, it displays the page title then a blank page.
If I try to refresh it, sometimes I get a blank page and sometimes I get an IE error that says "Unable to open", looks like an error 500

When the problem first occured it was on the client's PCs, I thought it was a firewall related issue, but I got exactly the same error on my PC at work, with IE6 only.

Can someone help me find the origin of this please?
Here is the URL of the website:

Thanks in advance

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ok sorry but this wasn't a bug in CI. I'm really sorry.

This is a IE6 bug related to the <base> tag which I use in all my scripts.

Here are some similar posts I found around in other forums :

The IE6 bug doesn't happen if you use the <base></base> writing but shows an error if you use <base /> in its xhtml version.

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[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
No prob hbr. I've moved the thread for you anyhow, and thanks for reporting back to us.