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HI guys,
I need help from you ppl that how to upload video file in codeignitor,
and how i can make livestreamings.

Amjad Farooq

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Try explaining your problem a bit better.

What have you got allready, what areas do you need help with? You're not gonna get a lot of responses if you keep it this brief...

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[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
You can upload a video file like any other file format you upload using Codeigniter. Please refer the upload library documentation in the User Guide to help you with it. As far as streaming is concerned it depends on how you handle the files uploaded. I had a project which had the files converted to FLV which is a flash video format and then we built a Flash Video Player which plays it. There is one site which has the file format saved in the same one and we pull the approp plugin to display it in the browser.

I hope this helps.