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I've searched around on the CI forums and found a some recommendations for shopping carts e.g. magentocommerce, cubecart, prestashop.

Then I read about expression engine 2.0 using CI and that you could essentially drop the CMS on top of your framework which sounds pretty cool. I checked out ecommerce modules for expression engine and there is one called coolcommerce which integrates expression engine and Foxycart

Foxycart looks very suitable for us as it doesn't try to do the CMS bit and any other bloat - just a good shopping cart. (any others like this?)

From a futureproofing perspective, it sounds like Foxycart could be a good option? - I am not a developer nor system architect, just thinking of what will be easy to integrate.

Can anyone validate that idea?

(a new CI enthusiast)

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[eluser]Tom Glover[/eluser]
Remember any current EE extensions will need to be rewritten for 2.0 as they will be on the CI framework.