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Full Version: [ask]need help with ajaxfilemanager
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hi, i've been using tinyMCE with CI n it works well, but when i try to add the ajaxfilemanager plugin to tiny mce ,it wont work eg:thumbnail not shown
anyone been using tinymce and ajaxfilemenager before ? i can't solved it

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The problem could be the paths, give to us a piece of code

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well i'm pretty sure it somehow connected with that or at least how CI handle the php
anyway my config is:

------ajaxfilemanager -> in here there's some php file that handel from uploading picture to thumbnail creation

if u clicked on the image upload button on tinymce it will open this address

seems like cI can't do that call, so i made a new controller n have the address routed to that controller (i name it "ajax")


and that works well to show the ajax form , but, well it just show up ,n no other function is working (upload,thumbnail etc)

for now my controller for the tiny mce is
class ajax extends Controller{
    function index()
echo js_asset('tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/jscripts/ajaxfilemanager_c.js');
echo js_asset('tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/jscripts/for_tinymce.js');
echo css_asset_tinymce('tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/theme/default/css/tinymce.css');
echo css_asset_tinymce('tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/theme/default/css/jquery-calendar.css');
echo css_asset_tinymce('tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/theme/default/css/thickbox.css');

and in the view i just include the ajaxfilemanager.php


n from what i know , all the php call from within ajaxfilemanager.php didn't work, eg: theres this function in the ajax form:
if i run it in normal php environment (without the CI framework) it run well,i think its related with how CI handle the php file or i could be wrong,any solution?

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I'm having the same problem... everything's fine when integrating TinyMCE with CI. But I can't put ajaxfilemanager to work... Sad

Any help?