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Full Version: Site Maintenance and Speedup
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Hi guys!
Actually i want to discuss a problem with you ppl that i am currently working site that takes more time to open and i have not used rapper function of codeignitor during building so i want to improve its speed.
what suggestion you ppl have for me.
site is visit and give me suggestion


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Is there any body that can help me.

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If you use firefox, then try out Firebug in cobination with YSlow.

This tells you a lot about what makes your specific site slow and what you might be able to do.


Other tricks you can use are maybe
- For the published pages on your hosting, remove all comments and try to leave spaces out to make the file size as small as possible.
- Optimize your images to find the best balance between filesize & quality.
- If you have the option (I do on my hosting provider, which is hostmonster) activate the FastCGI option.
- Try to work out chaching on your pages to avoid unnecceasry reloading of items at the end-users pc.

Hopefully you can do something with this info, and everbody; correct me if i'm saying something wrong.

Best Regards,


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hopefully this will be help you .
Spped up your application through Codeigniter


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i have seen you site, try Yslow with firefox it will help you to solve the problem and another thing is that you are using 7 or 8 js files try reduce the number of js files, try to make on js file marge them programming and put befor body end tag and also do the same thing for css files but put css file in head tag. it will boost you site.