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Full Version: Issue, in the file system\database\DB_utility.php
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I have noticed a issue, in the file system\database\DB_utility.php

The line @ line number 178 is like the following:

if ( ! is_object($query) OR ! method_exists($query, 'field_names'))

And i think it should be

if ( ! is_object($query) OR ! method_exists($query, 'list_fields'))

as the "field_names" method is DEPRECATED.

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[eluser]Kamil Rudnicki[/eluser]
You are right, thanks!

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[eluser]christian studer[/eluser]
The same goes for line 220 in the same file.

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I submitted a bug report.

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I ran into this problem also and thanks to the previous posts solved it quickly :-) Thanks so much !

I am new to CodeIgniter - so forgive me if this is common knowledge. Is this fix going to get rolled into a release ? Can I subscribe to the bug report?