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[eluser]Marcelo Kanzaki[/eluser]
Hello everybody,

here is the situation:

I have 3 tables in my database - Events, Consultants and Locations.

To generate an event, i need pick one (or more) consultant from the Consultants table along with a location from the Locations table.

To handle the one_to_many relationship between Events and Consultants i've created a fourth table called Consultants_Events, wich has the event_id and the consultant_id that allows me to add more than one consultant per event.

Quote:***** My question is how do i list Events now? *****

I could simply use

$this->db->join('locations', ' = events.location_id');

But what about the consultants? Since there can be more than one per event, how do i list them?

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I haven't tried it - but just use several joins.

$this->db->join('consultants', ' = consultants_events.consultant_id');
$this->db->join('events', ' = consultants_events.event_id');
$this->db->join('locations', ' = events.location_id');


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when I do this i use two seperate queries - one for events and one for consultants...
inefficient but i dont know a better way to handle it.