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Full Version: Passwords are limited with Regex in Flexi-Auth
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In Flexi-Auth, i noticed passwords are limited with the following regex ( only accepts alphanumeric and . , - _ )
PHP Code:
$config['security']['valid_password_chars'] = '\.\,\-_ a-z0-9'

I've read it is bad to limit password characters, so i changed it to the following:
PHP Code:
$config['security']['valid_password_chars'] = '\!\@\#\$\%\^\&\*\(\)\+\=\~\<\>\?\:\[\]\{\}\|\.\,\-_ a-z0-9'

Now it allows almost all standard special chars except: ' " `

  1. Is there a reason Flexi-Auth have this limit?
  2. Is what i'm doing wrong? i need to know it won't cause any issues

Any help is appreciated