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Full Version: Projects for when just starting out in CI
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Title says it all really Big Grin
I'm going to assume that your title is a question.

The place to start is CI Version 3.0 and you should (strongly advised) have a good understanding of PHP before you begin.

Start with the tutorial in the CI 3.0 User Guide:

At todays date, CI Version 3.0 is still Beta, with Release Candidate 2 (RC2) available for download.  It is stable in my experience but will probably change before final release.  The release date is very close, so check these fora for a notice of final release.  Download a copy now and start using it today.

Do not START with previous CI Version 2.x, because:

1) Version 2.x is licensed under a different license than Version 3.x.

2) Version 2.x contains deprecated methods.

3) Version 2.x is being maintained to support existing software (something that has already been written and is in use).  This is a good thing, but not the place to start learning CI.

4) Conventions and syntax have changed from those used in Version 2.x and you should begin with the current state of the framework.