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Full Version: POST array missing submit button
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Very weird.

My form has two submit buttons, "order" and "save" plus 12 combo boxes. Upon submition, I need to know which button was chosen. I have redirected the forms action to a simple php page with print_r($_POST), so I can see what is in the array. Everything is listed except the submit buttons.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? I briefly looked thru the Input class to see if anything stood out. In Input class, var xxs_clean=FALSE. I was thinking CI was somehow clensing the POST.

Also, jQuery.js is installed on this site. I know that's not relative to this forum, but when I comment out the reference to the JS file, the submit button show up in print_r().

Any help would be appreciated, even if you just tell me its not CI... go to a jQuery forum.

Thanks in advance.

Below I have included the first few items of the form

<!-- Start Button Box -->

                            <div class="buttonBox">
                                &lt;input name="save" type="submit" id="save" accesskey="s" value="Save" class = "required" /&gt;
                                &lt;input name="order" type="submit" id="order" accesskey="o" value="Order" class = "required" /&gt;
                                &lt;input name="reset" type="button" id="reset" accesskey="r" value="Reset"&gt;

                        &lt;!-- End Button Box --&gt;


                        &lt;!-- Start Details Box --&gt;

                        <div id="details">                        

                            &lt;!-- Start Base Box --&gt;

                            <div id="baseBox">                            

                                &lt;!-- Start Base Combo --&gt;

                                <div id="baseCombo">

                                    <label for="base">Base</label>

                                    <select name="base" id="base" class="required main">

                                        <option value="none" selected>-- Select a Base --</option>




                                &lt;!-- End Base Combo --&gt;


                                &lt;!-- Start Base Options --&gt;

                                <div id="baseOptions" class="options">


                                    &lt;!-- Start Base Color Combo --&gt;

                                    <div id="baseColorCombo">

                                        <label for="baseColor" class="sub">Color</label>

                                        <select name="baseColor" id="baseColor" class="required">

                                                <option value="none">Choose a Base</option>



                                    &lt;!-- End Base Color Combo --&gt;

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[eluser]Brian Nowell[/eluser]
I noticed that as well. With jQuery included, the submit button is missing from the $_POST array. Strange.