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Full Version: dBase support into CI Database Class
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[eluser]Daniel Peraza[/eluser]
Hi CI friends!. I need to export data from an old dBase based application into a MySQL Server. I would like to know if I can do that using CI Database Class or if I have to write an additional layer for exporting those data into XML or another standard format.

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Honestly, your best bet would be to just write a script yourself using PHP's native database support, CI is meant for developing applications using it for a script like this would be like renting a backhoe to dig a 2 inch hole. All you need to do is select from one table in dBase, loop through the recordset and insert that into a corresponding table in your MySQL database.

CI could do it but since CI doesn't support dBase unless you can use ODBC you're going to have to write a dBase driver. If you want to auto create the tables in MySQL based on what's in dBase then you're going to have to figure out a way to make dBase spit out metadata. Then once you've done all that, you still have to code the app to make use of the driver you just made - like I said wrong tool for the job.

- K

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Hi master kgill, and all...

I have the same problem. In case I want to integrate PHPXBase with Code Igniter.

Need really-really any help for all masters here...