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Full Version: Capture user Information and store in Database
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I want to capture the information below from all sessions (including buying sessions & non-buying sessions.) of a website.
Please give me a suggestion that how to create a report in the backend that would allow us to pull this information for a certain time period.

Information to include:

IP Address
Operating System
Operating System Version
Browser Version
Entry Page
Exit Page
User Agent String

Some of this information can be retrieved via the User Agent class ( ), but be aware that the availability of some (or all) of it will be dependent on values the user can control. The IP Address can be found in the input library ( ). The entry/exit pages are up to you to track in the session.

In most cases, it would be more efficient to track/report this through a service like Google Analytics than to build it yourself.
Have you looked into google analytics? It tracks all of that and a lot more...automatically.