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Full Version: Vendor folder composer location
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The default path of the folder "Vendor" is the root of the project
In .gitignore file exist the line "/vendor/".

In application/config/config.php says: Enabling this setting will tell CodeIgniter to look for a Composer
| package auto-loader script in application/vendor/autoload.php.

If I change $config['composer_autoload'] = TRUE by default CodeIgniter 3 search inside of application Folder.

if ($composer_autoload === TRUE)
? require_once(APPPATH.'vendor/autoload.php')
: log_message('error', '$config[\'composer_autoload\'] is set to TRUE but '.APPPATH.'vendor/autoload.php was not found.');

In System/core/Codeigniter.php the APPPATH is incorrect? By default would be FCPATH?
The solution:

In application/config/config.php
$config['composer_autoload'] = FCPATH.'vendor/autoload.php';