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Full Version: Multiple websites one CI base
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[eluser]Matthew Lanham[/eluser]
Hey all,

I just wanted to ask a quick question before i spend some time messing with open_basedir to make this work, i'd like to put CI somewhere on my server for example /usr/local/CI-1.7/ and then just reference to the files in that location for all websites on that server, this would also make it much easier when an update was made to CI as i could keep back dated versions, let me know if you've tried this or if it would be possible, i'm not sure whether if 20 websites all used the same file at the same time if this would cause any IO problems???

Cheers for your help in advance..

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You can set the paths for the system and application directories. This is key to running multiple applications on one core.

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The process was very easy for me on my local development server doing just what xwero said. My problem came when deploying to my Media Temple server which is a dedicated virtual running multiple domains all managed through Plesk. Plesk has some odd "features" setup (albeit for security) that make the process a little more challenging. Through some Apache learning we managed to get it setup running multiple apps with 1 core base.

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I'm kind of curious of how to go about doing this.
From what the manual says.. I could have this setup, correct?

/usr/local/ci-1.7/ - systems folder

In /usr/local/web/domainA/www/index.php,
$system_folder = "/usr/local/ci-1.7";
$application_folder = "/usr/local/web/domainA/application";

In /usr/local/web/domainB/www/index.php,
$system_folder = "/usr/local/ci-1.7";
$application_folder = "/usr/local/web/domainB/application";