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Full Version: Best ajax plugin for CI
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Hello All,
I am building contact functionality in CI. The functionality will be something like adding contacts in gmail Smile. Which is the best ajax plugin or some ajax library that I can use for building such kind of application? Please help me. Thanks.

El Forum

I'm about to release a library for CI that is a bridge, for want of a better name, between Jquery and php/ci.

It called Taco, currently about 13kb in size.

Taco simply generates an XML file that the jquery taconite plugin from
automatically detects and execute once called.

To append a DOM element with an ID="MY_ELEMENT" you type
$this->taco->append('MY_ELEMENT','<p>With this DATA</p>');

Of course you can use almost all of the jquery commands
See them here...

You can make some really amazing effect with only a few lines of php code.

This should be ready to go sometime soon.