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Full Version: The ultimate PHP guide to Amazon S3
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hi there,

I noticed how some people in this forum have questions about how to use the Amazon S3 service in combination with PHP, with or without Code Igniter.

I have therefore written a comprehensive guide on how to do this:

The ultimate PHP guide to the Amazon S3 service

I admit that this is a bit of self-promotion, but I noticed that there are only bits and pieces available on the forum and the rest of the web. This guide puts it all together, so I hope it helps anyone.



El Forum

I browsed through it and it looks very comprehensive and well written. What i missed was a sources/further reading section at the end of the pdf.

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Nice. I have vague plans to use CI for a FTP front-end to S3... at some point in time...

El Forum

That's funny, I just browsing for this information (AS3) for last few days. Looking around and now just browsing for different information about CI FTP and I found answers about (AS3). I like your work, thanks!