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Full Version: First version of sticky_auth (YAAL)
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I've just released a new authentication library called sticky_auth the library that was built to power the user login on the next version of It's somewhat a rewrite of redux aimed to be faster and more CI like. Currently sticky can do the following:

* Login
* Registration
* Password Reset
* Few 'helperish' methods in the sticky_auth class.

You can download it at . Included with the download is full documentation of the api however I have not written specific implementation instructions yet (they're coming soon). There is also a simple install guide on the google code wiki.


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I'm enjoying using this. It's nice and simple and makes more sense than redux_auth which was a bit of a hassle to use at first.

Should be getting a bit more love!


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Thanks! that makes me happy Tongue. I guess I didn't sell it very well