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Full Version: [SOLVED] extend the dx_auth for new data
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i'm following the example

to try and add a few more fields into the users_temp / users table (and also send via email) however i'm not getting much sucess.

In my register controller i have set my my new values

if ($val->run() AND $this->dx_auth->register($val->set_value('username'), $val->set_value('password'), $val->set_value('email'), $val->set_value('member_no'), $val->set_value('title'), $val->set_value('forename'), $val->set_value('surname'), $val->set_value('agency'), $val->set_value('branch'), $val->set_value('address1'), $val->set_value('address2'), $val->set_value('county'), $val->set_value('postcode'), $val->set_value('country'), $val->set_value('tel'), $val->set_value('fax'), $val->set_value('manager')))

and i have also modified the dx_auth register function to take the new fields in to the new_users array, however i cannot get these to be passsed into the database nor emailed to the users.

can anyone point out what i'm doing wrong?

El Forum


if anyone is wonderring why this wouldn't update i hadn't set the validation rules....

you can read more here