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Full Version: URl
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same page is opening if i add the unwanted text after Slash for example
In this Page www.example/kb/article/mac-data/
or in this Page www.example/kb/article/mac-data/72riwgffffg
Sounds like a routing problem. Are you using any custom routes?
And this is not normal?

You can put something like

PHP Code:
public function article ($param_one$param_two NULL)
   //do whatever redirect you want
 // else do what you need to do

Or you can simply find out if the number of parameters are bigger than what you need with func_num_args().
CI doesn't know how many segments a controller is SUPPOSED to respond to. It's looking for the controller/method and passing anything extra to the method (depending on how you set your method up). As suggested, if you don't want it to respond if it has like 3 segments, you need to check for that and issue an error or show_404()