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Full Version: Image upload - open_basedir restriction in effect - Help!
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I have a simple cms which is written in Codeigniter framework. It has worked just fine in many projects and it still works ok on my local machine. But when i put my recent web site online (server php version 5.5.17) and i try to upload an image, i get this error:

Message: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s): (.:/var/www/vhosts/ Filename: libraries/Image_lib.php

I have tried everything, permissions are all set up, i have even set the open_basedir value to none and it still doesn't want to upload an image, neither doesn't get a name of the image.

Thank you for your help!
Try to search in your php.ini for "open_basedir" and correct the path information.
I just got the same problema and I solved deactivating it. With Plesk is possible to deactivate it for a single domain but I'm diggin in to understand if there is a better way to keep security working well!