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Full Version: Insert Query Bindings are not being filled in
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Hello guys. I'm using Code Igniter 2.0 and I'm trying to create an insert statement using query bindings, but it gives me this error message when executing the query:

"Field 'table.field' cannot be a zero-length string"

My query looks a little something like this:

insert into [table] (Field1, Field2) values (?, ?)

The statement I'm running to execute this insert looks like this:

insert into [table] (Field1, Field2) values (?, ?)", [array of values])

The error message shows me that blank values are inserted for the parameters above, even though the array has values inside. So the insert statement comes out as:
insert into [table] (Field1, Field2) values ('', '')

Doesn't seem like there's something wrong with my query. Why is it inserting blanks even though I'm passing it a properly initialized array?
Can you show us your full code example even the array data.