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Full Version: Non-Codeigniter question - form processing like PayPal's login
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[eluser]taro uma[/eluser]
Hi,I was wondering if anyone knew how form processing like Paypal's login works, where there is a "Loging In...." message, then you are forwarded to your account when that is done. I don't know the term used for this, so I am having no luck finding anything about it on google. I've seen similar things in some shopping carts when checking out, like "Processing your order..." and then a little animation below it.

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PayPal with [url=""]IPN[/url]?

Have you seen the [url=""]Paypal library[/url]?

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[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]
create a view wich has a URL HTML refresh in it with a variable for the url.

set the url in the controller, you may set the refresh time to 3-4 seconds
and there you go.