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Full Version: How to build a confirmation mail?
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I want to get email address input from visitor and encode it (by md5) , save it into database and send the email and code to that visitor by the link like this:
until visitor click that link in their mail box, the link will go to another page in my page with the email and the code expected in my database ( to compare ). I have tried to use GET method but it cannot link with the page after the page user input their email. Can i have a advise?
Thanks for reading.

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I'm not sure that I understood your question but I think you can use hidden fields

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CI does not like query strings. you can enable them in the config.php file but i have no experience with that. i've heard that it is not easy to support a wide range of querystrings.

you should probably just format your URLs so that CI can understand them:

Code:[email protected]/ecode/7884bff7434b2c08a3f2d1b05c56cb5d

the url can then be parsed in your controller using CI functions (see this manual page for a good starting point for using CI style URLs).

NOTE: you will have to add the @ sign to the url allowed chars config item in config.php

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I have tried to change the url : http://missworldvote.client.ninesystems....b05c56cb5d and use uri segment to process it. I have done.
Thanks sophistry.
Thanks emperius.