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Full Version: Error Logger :: Version 1.0
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Error Logger

Error Logger is a error logging library that's main purpose is for use within other libraries to handle multiple errors and let you be able to send Boolean returns (TRUE/FALSE) and if FALSE you can retrieve the error message with ease!

How it works
Basically when you want to send an error back instead of writing
return $error;
you will do this
$error = new Error_logger();
return FALSE;

This will set 3 different variables
$error->string :: A string version of all the error messages
$error->all :: A array version of all the error messages
$error->{$label} :: A single error message for a certain label

To display the message you can use any of the 3 variables above

You can also set error prefix and suffix in the config file to be used!

Error Logger Version 1.0


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Nice work!

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Sorry to those who have been trying to download this. I changed some paths on my site. Anyways the links have been updates.